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We are proud to be the original Leaf Company, selling Vermont leaves exclusively. Having the privilege of the world’s best foliage, it is all we want to do to leverage celebrating and sharing this natural magnificence in a sustainable manner. A leaf can be a powerful talisman, a nostalgic, sentimental, or romantic reminder of place and time; a leaf can be an ethereal doorway. We may sell leaves, but what they become in your hands may literally be the stuff of dreams.

What fond, warm, and cozy memories do you have around this atmosphere? The scent and sense of fireplaces, apple picking, favorite sweaters, bonfires, hayrides, pumpkin patches, warm spiced cider … and the most quaint of little village after village. That’s what makes the irony of Vermont, the “Green Mountain” state about the best place in the world for what the tourism industry calls “leaf peeping”; when folks from around the world come in or drive from as far as Florida or beyond to witness for themselves the splendor of the roller coaster mountains magic blazing in explosive reds, bright gold’s and oranges, even dark purples. The color intensity alone might be enough, but it seems a photo op around every barn and bend: waterfalls, quaint Victorian B&B’s, an orchard, or a covered bridge … and the fantastic leaves; always the leaves.
Autumn might just not have its fullness without the glory of the multicolor leaves Vermont is so famous for. Do you know a dear one in an assisted living facility that might get a happy memory jog just holding such leaves once again? Can you imagine the sweetness of a classroom somewhere where they don’t have such leaves having an entire box to decorate with? Perhaps leaves strewn at a theme gathering of friends, officemates, or family, or even in a commercial business. Maybe you simply want to pick a special one out for yourself to give to someone in your life. Maybe you grew up with the grace to have four seasons. Maybe you’ve just heard enough of the fabled changing landscapes. That special, precious place in your heart just waiting to connect with leaves is no longer without a way to respond. Now, let us gift you fall.

-sincerely with love,

-the humble staff of the Vermont Leaf Company

The Vermont Leaf Company is a holey owned subsidiary of the Davis School of Business and Consulting.

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